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Our Awards


The Kitties and I are proud to display these beautiful awards that were presented to us. We treasure each and every one.

Each award is linked to the presenting site. Please take time to visit them. A lot of love, care, and plain old hard work has gone into each of these sites, and each of them conveys a message.

The awards appear in the order they were received (roughly). If you would like to see the most recent, scroll to the bottom and click on the last page number.


Thank you, Joan!

Thanks Petsburgh - we love this!

Site Fights - Whiskers N Tails
Thank you. We were very surprised to receive
your beautiful award.

SHAID TreeAnimal Shelter
We are so honored to receive Biscuit's award. Thank you!

Lilley Pad Pets
We are pleased to have our work for strays and
shelter animals rewarded.

Brat's Treasure is a beautiful site which focuses on
the welfare of our earth and our wonderful animals.

Diabella's Keeper of the Stars Award
Diane, I am so honored that you found us worthy to be
counted with the Keepers!

Pride of Petsburgh
Thank you for your votes!!

Pharaoh's Award
Thank you so much. This was a lovely surprise.

Petsburgh Cats Blue Ribbon Award
Petsburgh, thanks so much!

Animal Savior Award
We are so proud to display this award
from a truly caring site!

From My World of Cats in memory of Pepper and in honor of my Bridge Babies
Lisa, we are so proud to receive your award
in memory of Pepper.

from Torsten and Lisa at My World of Cats for graphical design and animal welfare
Thank you Torsten and Lisa.


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