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Our Awards


The Kitties and I are proud to display these beautiful awards that were presented to us. We treasure each and every one.

Each award is linked to the presenting site. Please take time to visit them. A lot of love, care, and plain old hard work has gone into each of these sites, and each of them conveys a message.

The awards appear in the order they were received (roughly). If you would like to see the most recent, scroll to the bottom and click on the last page number.


Ticky's award for strays
As Lisa said, My World of Cats has showered us with
beautiful awards. Thank you so much!

Andies' Tabbies Award
Andie, we are so honored to receive this
wonderful award from you!

The Kadiddies Gold Award
We treasure this very special award
from Andie and The Kadiddies.

from Moke the Magnificent
Sam's good buddy Moke the Magnificent gave
his special award to Sam da Man!

from Fluffy Tails
This nice award is from the beautiful Fern and Iris,
who truly have very fluffy tails! We know that their Bridge Brother, Boomer would be very proud of them!

Diabella's Site of the Month Award
What a wonderful surprise this was! We consider
this a very great honor and are proud to have been
chosen for March 2002!

WQ Fairy      from Wizards Quest
Thank you for these beautiful awards!

Award from Tigerpixie
We were proud to receive this award from Tigerpixie Art Studio. Visit this site and fall in love with the unique paintings of cats.

Award from Rainbow Cat Rescue

Award from Rainbow Cat Rescue

We are so proud to have received these awards from
Rainbow Cat Rescue. Visit this wonderfult site
to see lots of beautiful, adoptable cats.


from Pepper

Thank mew furry much Pepper!

We are very pleased to receive these great awards
from beautiful Pepper.


from Home Is Where the Heart Is

What a lovely surprise to receive this award.
We are very honored.



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