Sam da Man

Sam da Man at Rainbow Bridge
October 5, 1989 - December 9, 2003

My Dear, Sweet Sam,

Where do I start? How can I say what's in my aching heart? Daddy and I knew we would miss you when the time came, but we didn't know how terrible this empty feeling would be. The house feels and sounds so empty now, without our big boy constantly mewing to us. We are always going to miss your beautiful gray-blue eyes and those marvelous, huge paws that you would pat us on the arm with whenever you wanted loves. I still hear your voice at times. Daddy and I loved the way you talked to us - so vocal! Don't worry, sweet boy, no one will ever fill that special spot in our hearts that belongs to our Sam. No one could ever replace our good boy in our hearts.

The Girls are grieving for you too, Sam. You were always a good brother to them, even when they would get hissy with you. And so gentle when Izzy and Leslie Anne were kittens. One thing they did for you, my man, was teach you how to play! You were a riot - watching them play and then trying to copy them. Finally, you got it! I was so happy to see you finally playing - something you never got to do when a young kitten yourself.

Izzy looks so sad in the mornings when I get up. She still sits on one end of the sofa looking out the window and I know she wonders why you aren't sitting on the other end, facing her. Delli is beside herself and won't stop looking for you. And you know Delli, she's taking it out on the others like it's all their fault that you're not here. Leslie Anne misses you at night the most and just sits in the living room like she's waiting for you. I think you must have visited them to let them know what happened because they have calmed down some, but they are very, very lonely.

I wish that you were sitting here next to me like you always did. I'd love to read you all the emails and condolences you received from your furriends and their meowmies. You would be so proud, Sam. So many kitties and hoomins loved you. Your budz at the boyz board have been especially nice. Then there's your wink Spike, poor Spike, I know she will miss you terribly. And Keek, your 'bestest bud in the hole werld.' What fun you had with all of them!

You were my inspiration and I want to thank you for introducing me to the lighter side of life, for letting me dress you in funny clothes, and for acquainting me with your wonderful Internet buddies. Lasting friendships have been formed all because of you.

Thank you, dear Sam, for choosing us to be your meowmie and farfur. You brought us so much joy over the years, and wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. Since you made your way to the Bridge on the same date that Grandpa Bob made his passing, December 9th, I'm sure he was there waiting for you with open arms. Such a comforting thought!

Your spirit is beautiful, Sam. Don't forget us. Any time you want to visit, we'll welcome you and give thanks.

Love, kisses and big, big hugs,
Mewrown Meowmie

from Diabella Loves Cats


Sam's Christmas ornament


Memories of Sam

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  • Sam's Handycat Column in the Caterwaul Chronicle

  • Sam and Nosey Parker in his Workshop

  • Sam, Spike and E.T. at Cat Mountain Lodge
    having Brunch with Izzy and Twist.

  • Sam and budz at  Bitsy's Wine and Cheese Party

  • Sam and KeeKee at Yang's Barbecue.

  • Sam and Spike at The 4th of July Parade.

  • Sam and KeeKee at  Izzy's Gormay Fud Booth.

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    Tributes from Sam's Furriends

    Candle lit by Frenchie

    Frenchie lit this candle for Sam on behalf of the Crowley Cats on the very date of his crossing. Frenchie and his furmily are still adjusting to the loss of their beautiful Shibui,  who crossed to Rainbow Bridge October 27, 2003. Sam became friends with them through the Older Cats Society.

    from Bitsy, Sammy and the Royal Furmily

    Sam never missed one of Miss Bitsy's lavish parties or a good laugh with Sammy. Of course he adored Auntie Doris, as do I.

    Sam da Man's tribute from E.T.

    Sam da Man would be so pleased with this tribute from his furriend E.T. How he loved his tools!

    Tribute from Ginger and E.T.

    What a beautiful tribute from our furriends Ginger and E.T. The next page gives a link to their Christmas Tribute to Bridgebabies.

    from Biggie

    This tribute from Sam's bud Biggie Fries brought tears to my eyes. Those two together could cause all kinds of things to happen.

    from Twist

    Twist, who was Sam's OCS Secret Santa Kitty  two years ago, sent this beautiful candle to Isabella (Izzy). She placed it here in rememberance of all the fun the kitties had with Twist and Myste during that time and in honor of their continued friendship.



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