I'ze won luckie tom, I kin tells yew. Iffen myown new meowmie an pawpa hadn't let me liff wif dem, I'ze bee in da cage at PAWS rite now! Fankfurry Ize nefur maid it tu da shelter acuz dey steppt in an safed me afore I gitted dere. Ize hadd da nise meowmie, butt her went tu da nurrsy home an dey wood knot lett me go wif her. Her purrblee misses me a hole lott. Won fing, Ize shore had it eezeer dere dan dis howse wif da tree gurlz!

Dis bees my 3rd home, butt pawpa say Ize will nefur hafta moof agin. Pawpa kombz me efurry nite. Him cutted sum beeg notts outta mize fur an him say he willz make me luk grate sew's Ize donut hafta go tu no groom plase. Ize luff pawpa.

Chuck's Purrday info

I'ze a memfur ob tomzrule« privut boyz klubb   an iss makin lotsa furrends. Dis iss da gratest fing I efur did acuz No gurlz iss allowed. Wee meet at Paddy's Pub an drink nipzbeer an dew tom fings. It bees da grate plaise tu mew abowt how tu drive owrown sisfurs krazee.


I read the Caterwaul Chronicle

Won ob dese dayz Ize will haff sum moar pitchers ob myownseff fur yew tu see. Furst Ize hafta show Meowmie how tu yuse da didgitall kamera. Kin yew beleaf it?


Myown Bad to the Bone award fur August
Meow!! Ize furry, furry eggcited tu git Ben's BTTB award fur August 2006! Dis proofs watta beeg, badd tom Ize bee. Mew kan click here an reed bowt me in da Caterwaul Chronicle.
Mize hunt award
Dis hunt bees lotsa funz an Ize purrowda mize purrize.

I hopes yew will leaf yewr pawprint in mize gessbuk afore yew leaf. Fank yew.

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