Updated 1/29/05
Leslie Anne's CLAW Page


I am Leslie Anne of the Fearless Foursome and this is my CLAW Page !

Proud CLAW member

I am a purroud memfur of CLAW and expect to be even busier than efur.

Duchess Leslie

Meow! I just found out I am a Duchess at CLAW now!

See what the nice CLAW kitties sent me?

Congrats Leslie Anne


The proud graduate

I received my Honorable degree and am soo purroud of it. At the CLAW graduation ceremonies in May, I was made a member of Phi Beta Katta Honor Society!

Phi Beta Katta

"I pledge to be a kitty of honor throughout all of my nine lives."

Honorable Degree


CLAW Guilds I belong to:
  • Back Seat Kitty Support Group
  • Friends of The CLAW Theater

  • Sister Clubs of CLAW I belong to:
  • Back Fence Cat Club
  • The Cats Meow Club
  • KCC

  • To learn more about my clubs, go to my clubs page.


    Aladdin and the Magic Lamp now showing!

    Aladdin and the Magic Lamp  is now showing at the Claw Theater. This is a superb production that no kitty or no hoomin will want to miss.


    CLAW has great cards to send to your friends!

    CLAW has great greeting cards to send to your friends - for any occasion.


    Read the Claw Zine


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