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The purpose of CLAW is to serve. Therefore, CLAW has "adopted" Melrose Humane Society and help Good Mews.

Melrose Humane Society , a no-kill shelter for all animals in Massachusetts.
Good Mews is a shelter just for us cats, hence the name, Good Mews. It is located in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.


Good Mews

Our Meowmie used to liff in Georgia, so we iss kinda parshul to helping animals dat liff dere. (Whin we're not helping animals dat liffs in Washington dat is.) Meowmie used ta feed homeless kitties whin she liffed dere but da man dat she wass married to den didunt like kitties as much as Farfur duz, so she cudunt adopt alla dem like she wanted to. Dat's why she luffs supurtin Good Mews - dey hass safed lotsa kitties' lifes.

Good Mews was started 11 years ago by a lady who lived in an apartment and she ran it from there! We tink dat is furry inspiring! Now Good Mews is a purrty big place dat is cage-free and gives alla da kitties gud food, medicine, and lotsa love. Dey also has shy rooms for da kitties dat is skeered of peeples an ofur kitties.

As of November 1, 2003 Good Mews has a new home! The lucky kitties who live there will haff lotsa windows and open space; also, efurrfing will be under on roof and be furry safe and secure.

Their new address is:

Good Mews
736 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite A-3
Marietta, GA 30068


Melrose Humane Society

We hass nefur lifed in Massachusetts, but da Melrose Humane Society duz lotsa good tings for homeless kitties an d*gs too. Dey keeps animals alife an don't kills dem. Efurybody who duz dat shud be suppurted, so we iss tryin to do our purt.

Da peeples at Melrose giffs dere cats an d*gs lotsa love an efun wurk wiff da shy ones to get dem used to ofur peeples. Lotsa da cats an d*gs dere were abused or are speshul needs animals, so dey gets lotsa extra care.


Ways You Can Help

Donations of money and supplies are always welcome
and will help save the lives of more kitties.

Supplies That Are Always Needed:

Kitty Litter (non scoopable preferred)
Cat Food (canned or dry)
Copier Paper
Postage Stamps
Cleaning Supplies (bleach, laundry detergent, hand soap,
window cleaner)
Office supplies (pens, pencils, scotch tape, staples, index cards)
Paper towels
Trash Bags
Paper Plates
Cat Toys
Cat furniture or beds
Plastic Trash Barrels
Bedding Materials (old towels, blankets, quilts)
Feeding Dishes or Bowls

Send donations to:

Jeff Roberts, Executive Director
788 Sandtown Road
Marietta, GA 30008
(770) 499-7370


P.O. Box 102
Melrose, MA 02176


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