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Tuxedo kitty playing in the fishbowl courtesy of Sylvia's Kattensite


Click to see my CLAW page

Click on my CLAW membership card above to see my special CLAW page!


Paws for a Cause

I just joined a wonderful CLAW guild, Paws for a Cause. I am looking forward to becoming involved so I can do more to help abused and homeless kitties, like I used to be before I adopted Meowmie.

Paws for a Cause

This is my memfurship badge.


PFAC participation award
I received dese badges at the CLAW ceremonies in April!

My shamrock for the PFAC Field of Clover

For St. Patrick's Day, PFAC memfurs are making a Field of Clover with the shamrocks that memfurs submit. Each shamrock portrays what we would like to give to a shelter or a stray for St. Pat's Day.

PFAC Field of Clover

Prize for February

This purrty prize is for our Valentine puzzle.
We also have fun at PFAC!


Back Fence Cat Club

The BFCC is a great club where all kitties can have lots of fun! One super fun thing is the Slumber Party hosted by Freya of BFCC. Go see me and the other kitties in our nighties!
Slumber Party

The Shopping Trip

We had a furry nice time going on a big shopping trip. If mew click da shopping bag, mew can see how much fun we had!


Bad Kitties Anonymouse

Efen dough I am a memfur of Bad Kitties Anonymouse , I am not a bad kitty! Dis club is full of kitties caught doing naughty things. Dis picture was sent in my somecat, but I don't know who, which supposedly is evidence of my escapades.

The huntress shredding her prey

I did not haff ennyfing to do wif dis! Mew can read my denial here.



I am soo thrilled to be a memfur of the Circle of Charms club for girl kitties only!

Click to go the funraiser and haff some fun

June Crunchy Bugs Award

Prize for the tomzrule and FIF Shamrock hunt


World Wide Working Cats of the Web

I joined dis club acuz I fink it bees about time dat we hardly werking cats should be recognized!


The Cats Meow Club (TCMC)
This club is closed now. (sniff, sniff)

Delli's TCMC Level Badge

Delli's graduation

I studied real hard and earned these degrees from the TCMC Cativersity:

  • Bachelors of Felinity
  • Master of Feline Arts and Sciences

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    I Am Feline by Runtell

    Runtell, the Amazing Little Kitty, started this club. Runtell does all kinds of things to keep busy!


    Cosette's Club for Stray and Shelter Pets

    You can see my picture and all of the other kitties who are members of Cosette's Club for Stray and Shelter Pets  here  or click on my beautiful picture.


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    The Tuxedo cat messing around with the fishbowl animation is courtesy of Sylvia's Kattensite.


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