Cats Are Wonderful Friends

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "all is well"
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side
A friendship that takes time to grow
Small wonder why we love them so.

The Prettiest Kitten

I sprang to life with playful, merry face,
The prettiest kitten of my pretty race;
My mother purr'd her joys
with fond surprise
And watched with anxious care
my opening eyes.

~ Charles Lamb ~

What Cats Do For Us

  • Warm our laps
  • Give us someone to talk to
  • Help reduce high blood pressure
  • Bring the winter air inside, nestled in their coats
  • Create a kindred feeling with other "cat people"
  • Turn common household objects like bottle caps into toys
  • Make us more aware of birds
  • Donate their services as alarm clocks
  • Display daring acrobatic feats right in front of our eyes
  • Contribute to living a longer life
  • Make a window sill more beautiful
  • Keep mice on the run
  • Make us smile
  • Inspire poets and playwrights
  • Teach us how to land on our feet
  • Let us indulge our desires to really spoil someone
  • Make our homes warmer
  • Remind us that life is mysterious
  • Share with us the all-is-well experience of purring
  • Instruct us in the luxurious art of stretching
  • Show us how to lick our wounds and go on
  • Give us cool cartoon characters
  • Make even an old worn couch look beautiful
  • Open our hearts
Author Unknown

Numerology for Cats

  • Use the name you that you call your cat everyday.
  • Convert the letters of the cat's name into numbers.
  • Then add the numbers together until only one digit remains.
  • Then use the single digit number to read the cat's personality.

    1        2        3        4        5        6        7       8        9       
    A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H        I       
    J        K        L        M        N        O        P        Q        R       
    S        T        U        V        W        X        Y        Z       

For example: "Lucky" = 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 7 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9

[1] This kitty prefers time alone. But don't be fooled, beneath that aloof exterior is a need for praise and play. Courageous and smart, he can also be maddeningly stubborn. He takes the direct approach to everything, including checking out visitors. Give him lots of attention when he wants it and space when he wants to be by himself. And remember, you must earn this cat's love.

[2] Sensitive is this cat's middle name! The slightest frown on your brow starts him worrying. He reacts to the emotions and body language of the people around him and often appears to read your mind. A meticulous groomer, he also has a set of very fussy taste buds. The Two kitty needs lots of affection and is happiest when living with another animal.

[3] Bounding from one human to the next for attention, this kitty is a true social lion and a fun family pet. He's always able to make you smile with his antics. Keep him in at night because he gets so distracted by everything that he tends to forget his way home. Adaptable to new situations and new people, this cat likes change as long as his favorite human is around.

[4] The Four cat loves routine, and his life revolves around his favorite spots in the house, his humans, his toys, and a full dinner dish. An excellent companion, he likes to be wherever you are, but will consent to an afternoon doze outside in the sun among the wildflowers without you. He's even tempered, except when you don't get home on time and his dinner is late.

[5] Adventurous and fickle, the Five cat has more bravery than sense and ranges far from home if he isn't watched. You must restrict his freedom to keep him safe from harm. A fenced area gives him the best protection. He loves to snuggle up beside you, but strictly on his terms. Be warned: No one ever truly owns this daring and gallant cat.

[6] Call this cat Sir or Lady Trueheart. Steadfast, loyal and faithful, the Six cat will be at your side as long as he's sure you love him. Regardless of his size, he prefers to be in your lap whenever you sit down. Since he considers himself one of the family, he'll expect some of what you're having for dinner. This kindly cat is very tolerant of children.

[7] The Seven cat is a very discerning animal. Once you've earned his friendship, he is very affectionate. Naturally curious, he likes to explore and has a knack for getting into things you've carefully tucked away. He has definite opinions about those who visit your home and his judgment about people is downright uncanny.

[8] although he may appear lazy, mostly he's not asleep -- he's actually thinking great thoughts. This philosopher of the cat world expects you to make a fuss over him. He gets cross if ignored but you can make it up to him with heaps of old-fashioned affection. Like many humans, he's a pushover for a good meal.

[9] This cat is a show-off and the center of attention. No matter how far he ranges out of the neighborhood, he expects you to lavish him with affection when he returns. Don't be surprised if he brings a ragged stray with him. When you look into his eyes, you'll swear you knew him before in some other time and place.

Article originally published in the June 1998 issue of Luxury Lifestyles of the Rich and Fabulous: Incredible Cats! Copyright 1998 by Pam Bell.

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