~Gifts We Received - 2001~


The Kitties and I just love getting gifts! Aren't these beautiful? Please remember to visit the wonderful sites that sent these to us by clicking on their gift.

from Carrie's Corner

Isn't this beautiful? We love it!

Invitation to the Ball     Thank you card for attending

You have to see this with your own eyes to believe it!

from Cosette

Another great card from Cosette's Lair!

from Conor
Sam's friend Conor from The Older Cats Society made this nice graphic.

From Cats Kittys Gatos

Isn't this just the cutest picture you've ever seen?
This was sent to us by Cats Kittys Gatos and we love it!

Bag of Treasures from The Mystic Cat     Ghost Hunt at Cosette's Lair

Our Halloween gifts from Madame Troublinski and Sagittarius!


This was so fun! The Kitties (Sam especially) loved seeing
all the beautiful kitties in their hula skirts!

These lovelies from The Petsburgh Butterflies really brightened our week!

From Butterfly Calla Lily - Petsburgh Butterflies   From Butterfly Sweet Pea - Petsburgh Butterflies

From Butterfly Periwinkle - Petsburgh Butterflies

From Butterfly Freesia - Petsburgh Butterflies

From Butterfly Periwinkle - Petsburgh Butterflies

From Butterfly Morning Glory - Petsburgh Butterflies

Vanora Spring's Globes

Thank you, ~*VS*~, for doing this for me!

Mille's Easter Card

Serena - Remember Max

Happy Birthday>

From Ruth B.

Happy Birthday from Bettie

We Are Thankful

Runtell the Amazing Cat  Runtell the Amazing Cat
Runtell is truly an amazing, busy little kitty! Thank you, Runtell.

Lucille's Jello Award

Thank you, Lucille. As you know, Sam, Delli and Spottie all like tuna jello, but Izzy likes turkey jello. However, they all agree that mayonnaise jello is tasty too!

Paula's Puurrffect 10 Award

Thank you, Paula. The Kitties and I love this one.

The Fabulous Keets =^.^= Keets Spay Award

Aren't these cute? The Keets site is a must to visit!

I am a Cat Luver Cat Addict My Kitty is Purrfect!

Vanora Spring's Friendship Gift

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