Izzy's Gormay Fud Booth

Izzy: Will yew kwit steelin da turkey rolls, Bambi? Dey iss fur da kusfurmers.

Bambi: Oh, Izzy, I soree, but I jes kan't hep myownsef. Dey is soo gud and I is soo hungrie.

Izzy: Well, sense yew sed dere gud, I gess won more wonte hurt nuffin.

Sam: Phewieee...wat dat I smells?

KeeKee: Sorrie, buddey, I gess I haffed two meny nipzbeers.

Orbit: Oh mews, KeeKee. Mew is sew gross. I fink I is gonna faint!!

KeeKee: Hi Orbit. Sorrie, I knot node dat mew wuz here. I wills try to controls myownsef an bees a gentlecat.

Orbit: Wells, I wuz gonna hangs owt wiff mew furry catsum tomz to makes da Fernando bees jellus; but mew boyz is jess too gross an disgustin fur me. I wills has to finds sum offur catsum tomz to makes my Ferny notiss me.

Nosey Parker, Mama Yak Attak, Ben - Agent 009, Delli

Nosey Parker: ??"No Harleys Allowed"?? What's goin own, Ben? Ize hear two meet my little peach blossom, Mama Yak Attak, and haf a delishus snak. Wattz all dis? I dunt plan tew beez bossed roun bye know sine!

Bentley Marlowe: Ize kan tell yew dat duh fude iz eggsalunt; Izzy iz a grate cook. I haf had sew much tew eat dat I feelz I muss be heavy as a Harley.

Ennywaze, don't wurree 'bout duh sine. I iz purrtektin dis area fur Da Agency, an a gude ting, I am. Dere haf bin sum furry giggly gurlz komez heah frume duh Beer Garden. I had to konfiskate dere beerz. Hic. Hic. BuuuuRRRRRpp!

NP, I wurries dat Mama Yak Attak and Delli mite start to hissing sinse dey iz opposin each ovfur in kort. I iz shure dat dey iz quarrellin 'bout duh kase dis furry minuet! Watt if dey start fiting like tigerz? I don't wann haf to hirt know gurlz!

Delli: Where efur did mew git dat purrty purrpull dress, Yak Attak?

Mama Yak Attak: O, Delli, dis ole fing! teehee I haz had dis hir dress fur a longs timez, but mabee I cud takes mew shoppin wif mee won day. I wills showe mew my mose fafurrtist shop.

Delli: O, fank mew! Now dat I bees da cattorney I musst luk purrfeshunall in kort jes likes mew.

The Kitties decide to see the rest of the carnival...

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