The Kitties and I hope all of you will have a safe and happy Halloween. We don't like scary things, so no one will get spooked here. We have 3 not so scary Halloween pages, so be sure to click the Next button at the bottom.

Happy Halloween

This is the time of year when bad things can happen to kitties that are allowed outside. Years ago, I had a beautiful black cat named Midnight that went missing on Halloween night. By some miracle, a friend saw her at someone else's house several months later and I was able to bring her home. You might not be so lucky. Don't risk it!

Keep your cat inside on Halloween

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Trick or Treat fun

For some great Halloween fun, visit Hershey's Halloween Fun. Here you can download clipart, wallpaper for your computer, screensavers, play games and even make your own screensaver. Fun for the entire family!


Here is our Halloween gift for you!

Here is our Halloween gift for you. Click  here to get yours. Just right-click and save to your computer.

Oh, my, what fun - getting all dressed up in costumes! And even more fun is entering the  CLAW~BFCC Halloween Costume Contest.  Be sure to look at all the many cats in their very imaginative costumes here. Look for Sam da Man, Izzy, Delli and Leslie Anne there too! Voting begins Nevember 1st.


Click here to send a not so scary Halloween greeting card to your friends

The kitties worked hard getting their Fall and Halloween greeting cards ready for you. Click the button above and see if there isn't a card there you would like to send to a friend.

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