Happy Halloween!
Delli, Izzy, Leslie Anne and Chuck E

Mew, deer furiends. Wee are celebrating Halloween this year by using Izzy's graffix dat her made lass yeer befur her getted sik. Wee sewmeny happies dat her still wif us! Fank mew fur all da purrs fur her an pleez keep her in mewr purrs sew her tumor wills shrink away tu nuffin.

Wee hopes mew gits lotsa treets an no tricks dis yeer!

Izzy didn't make dis won

Wee gurlz haff owr furry own Halloween card fur mew. Pleez takes one an haff da happie Halloween.

Card from Delli, Izzy and Leslie Anne

Dis iz mize Halloween card fur mize buds!

Happy Halloween frum Chuck E


Cards frum owr furiends

Bee shur an click on dere card tu sea derown website.

from our gud furrends at Cats and Pink Cadillacs

from Levi and Maggie

from Zena, Neek, Scraps and Jordan

from Ginger,  Phelicity, Mewsette and ET

from Scully, Fox, Spud and Mercury

from Chrissy, Bentley, Charlie, Murff and Tiffany

from Ned, Annie and Ernie

from Rafe and Rhett

Owr furiends at The Rescue Ranch haff a skeery Halloweenie paige. Dew knot miss it!

Alsew, mew muss reed Jordan's skeery story Halloween Pizza Monster. Mew wills bee glad mew did.

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Graffix by Izzy