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I'm my Mom's favorite, but she doesn't like me to talk like that. She's so afraid the others will get their feelings hurt! I have a really great Mom! You can see from my pictures why Mom says I'm beautiful.
I love my Mommy

This is when I was younger. See how slim I am? I hate it when I'm trying to sleep and there is a bright light on.

I was so sick here! I had a horrible operation because I'm unique - spaying me didn't work! My vet found something on my kidneys that was producing eggs. Can you believe it? That's when Delli and Spottie quit liking me.

All the other cats get really excited at 5:00 because they eat this stinky stuff called 'tuna.' It's disgusting and I try to cover it up whenever I get near a plate with that on it. I like turkey! It doesn't stink. You wouldn't believe what else I have to cover up around here! Sometimes the other cats don't do a good job of covering up after themselves in the litter box, so it's up to me to take care of it!

This is my favorite position. It's sooo comfortable. My Mom just loves to see me like this and can't resist lying down on the floor beside me. But who could resist me? Rufus thinks I'm prettier than Marilyn Monroe.

Cosette's Perfect Pet Award

Cosette gives this award for pets who have been spayed or neutered. I really deserve this award because I had to be spayed twice!


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