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Proud CLAW member

I am a busy CLAW kitty now and hafin lotsa fun. If mew click on my memfurship card above, mew can see my furry own CLAW Page.


Roly-Poly Rawers

As yew might haf noticed, I am a furry voluptuous kitty. Meowmie thought I might be more comfortable being around kitties my own size, so I joined the Roly-Poly Rawers, a CLAW guild. I iss looking forward to meeting all of the rather stately kitties in the club and having some fun.

I's been hafin soo much fun at Roly Poly Rawers dat I made a speshul page jes for da club. Click here to see.


Valued Member of PSPA

PSPA Outstanding Artist

I iss in da CLAW PSP Artists group and relee enjoying myself. We make all kinds of purrty fings and efun help wif da parties. My homework page is here.

We helped the Back Seat Kitties Support Group and Cats Who Live With Dogs put on a lavish Christmas party. Here are some of my prizes.



CLAW has great cards to send to your friends!

I jess joined da CLAW Postcards Committee and will help the ofur memfurs make purrty cards for da CLAW Post Office. There are lots of cards to choose from and fur any occasion!

Faithful Member Postcard Committee


Fat Is Fun

I haff made da "Rotund" level an dis iss my badge!

Izzy's level badge - Obese

Fat Is Fun Memfurship Card

And hear iss my purrty memfurship card.

One of my fafurite clubs is Fat is Fun. Here I can show off mew culinary skills and share mew marvelous gourmet recipes with other kitties. I haf entered so many of mew famous recipes in the Cookbook that meowmie made a page just for mew to show them off. Click on my recipe button to see "Izzy's Famous Gourmet Recipes."

Click for Izzy's Recipes

Click to visit Izzy's Gormay Fud Booth

I am running the Gormay Fud Booth at the Fat Is Fun Carnival. If mew come to my booth, mew can get some of my speshul turkey rolls and ofur good fings to eat!


Back Fence Cat Club

The BFCC is a great club where there is always something crazy going on for all kitties. If you want to see me and my sisfurs in our nighties, visit Freya's Slumber Party.
Slumber Party

The Shopping Trip

We had a furry nice time going on a big shopping trip. If mew click da shopping bag, mew can see how much fun we had!



Izzy is thrilled to be a new member of the Circle of Charms club for girl kitties only!

June Crunchy Bugs Award

The Shamrock Hunt

Ms. Bitsy's Wine and Cheese Party

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

Come see me an my sisfurs at Ms. Bitsy's whine and cheese pardee. Efun myown brofur, Sam da Man, was dere.


World Wide Working Cats of the Web

I am sew happee tu be a memfur of WWWCW! It iss impurrtant fur us werking cats to purrtekt our rights!


Furship Guild

I luff my Furship club. We haf lots of fun and meet lots of friendly kitties.

Furship award

Furship - Frogs 101
I winned dis for passing the test for Frogs 101. This is a fun class that mew can take at Camp CLAW.

Furship contest purrticipant

Meow! I am entering da Furriest Cat Contest again this year! Isn't da graffik above purrty? I git to haf my pitcher on da purrticipant graffik acuz I winned furst place last year.

Most Active Award

Oh, what fun! An award for Most Active Kitty! Meow!

I won First Place in the Furriest Cat Contest! This is the picfur I entered. Fank mew fur mewr votes!

Izzy - Furriest Cat Contest

Furriest Cat Contest Winner

Izzy's FurMaiden Award

I'm soo happy because now I am a FurMaiden!

Furship Level 1 badge


Cosette's Shelter Club

Cosette let me join her club because I am one of Delli's kittens and I would be homeless today if my fur mother wasn't smart enough to get Jacqlee to adopt her and give her babies a good home. You can see my picfur and all the other kitty memfurs if you click my memfurship card above.


Rufus' Girlfriends

I haff been one of Rufus' girlfriends fur a long time. He has soo many girlfriends that he doesn't know what to do! Efun my sisfur Leslie Anne is one of his girlfriends. Rufus thinks I am furry beeyootifur though. If you click the button you can see all of his girls.


I Am Feline by Runtell

Runtell, the Amazing Little Kitty, started this club. Runtell does all kinds of things to keep busy!


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