Delli Cat, Cattorney At Law

I am Delli Cat, da newest cattorney in town an I defends onliest gurl kitties. Now dis mite knot bee politikalee korrekt, but I am a cattorney an knot no politishun, sew it donte matter.

There is a hyuge demannd fur my surfises becuz dere bees sew menny gross an disgustin tomcats owt dere dat alla time bees makin life fur gurlz mizurabull.

If mew are a gurl kitty who is beein purrsekyuted by a tomcat, mew came too da rite plase. Mew can emeow me an I will git bak to mew too diskuss da purrtikylarz ov mewr kase an lawsoot pawsibilitees.

I am kurrentlie sooing sefural nastie tomz in beehaff ov Elizabeth QW2, Bitsy, Pepper Le Mille, and Bambi. Sense da lawsoot iss publik rekurd, mew kan sea it hir.

I alsew file restraynin orderz, which yew kan see here.

Our Motto:

"Efurry gurl kitty is justifeyed in sooin enny tomcat."