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This site has gotten quite large, so I am experimenting and trying to find the easiest ways for you to get around and see what you want to see.

Think of the site as being several layers deep. Most pages have sub-pages and a lot of the sub-pages have sub-pages of their own. It soon became apparent that a Next button wasn't the way to go, so have been thinking of ways to make it easier to find your way around.

Right now I am using three ways to navigate: The Site Menu button, Pull Down Menu and the Next button. The Site Menu is recommended.


Click for our Site Menu
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The Site Menu buttons usually match the graphics for that page. Clicking on the button will take you to our menu, which has the site broken down into sections. Here you can pick and choose what you want to see.

The Site Menu page will always stay open, so if you get lost or feel like you're left hanging out there in cyberspace, just close windows in your web browser until you come back to the menu page.


~ Pull-Down Menu ~

The Pull-Down Menu is the next best way, but it doesn't appear on every page and is not complete. I am in the process of installing small pull-down menus in each section that are for that section only. Below is an example:

My Furry Own Pages



The Next buttons also match the graphics and will take you to the first page of a main section. Next buttons don't take you to each page throughout the site anymore -- only to the start of a section.

For instance, if you click on the Next button on Delli's first page, it will take you to Leslie Anne's first page. If you want to see more about Delli, use her pull-down menu.

As for the "Back" button, it may or may not take you back to the page that you were on because I may have the page you're on linked to on several other pages.

I hope I'm not confusing you, but with a site this large, it's hard to guide a visitor all the way through without making a mistake somewhere along the line. If you use the Site Menu, you can avoid my mistakes. :) If you have any feedback, please email me. Thank you for visiting!


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