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Lessons for December

I have been trying to catch up with the other memfurs and did 11 tutorials in December, but I think some were finished after Tabitha sent the points in, so some of these will be counted in January.

My Basic 3 Table Page Set   can be found here. This is the tutorial   I used.


This is my third try on this tutorial. On the first one, my bow was perfect but the butterfly jumped. The second one the butterfly was good but the bow jumped. Maybe the next one will be just right. I hope so because I love this sig tag.

I love color, so didn't think I would like this tutorial, but it was fun after all. The hardest part was finding an image that I could sacrifice some color. The picture of Garbo is a black and white that I added color to. That was more fun than removing color for me.

pink tulip

I made this tulip from this tutorial. And the picture below is what I made using the tulips.

Izzy's Tulips


Izzy's Animated Typewriter Text

This animated typewriter text tutorial  was great fun!


Colored Pencil Drawing

Cat and Mouse Pencil Sketch

This was so much fun that I couldn't stop. I made sefural of these sketches from this tutorial.


Adding animations to snowglobes is so much fun. I should have joined PSPA a long time ago!


Making these mums was fascinating. This is the tutorial.

This tutorial was soo much fun! I think I know exactly what I'm going to do with it too!

Patchwork Kitty

This Patchwork Kitty was lots of fun.

This is one tile I made. Click here to see another one used as as a background. This tutorial is all about plug-ins.

Lessons for November

Wowie! I almost fainted when I finished this one. Thank mew, Servo, for this wonderful tutorial. I can't wait to do more!


This was my first lesson. I always wondered how to make snowflakes!  This tutorial  showed me how. Actually, I don't think I had very good results on this one because my snowflakes look more like lace doilies, but it was very interesting.

Satin Ball

This tutorial  was fascinating - and so beautiful. The red and green one was for the assignment. The ones below are what I came up with.

green and pink   hot pink

satin ball

Making these caps was very interesting for me. I loved making them. The red and green is for the lesson and the others are my color combinations. I can't get over how real they look! This is the tutorial.


Here I am with my sore eye and wearing the hat I made.

I made this using this tutorial for the mittens, but I hasta confess dat E.T. inspired me. I think my brofur's wink will luff this.

Another amazing tutorial. These were so much fun!


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