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Izzy's Famous Gourmet Recipes

Hi efurrybody! You mighta gessed frum my picfurs dat I is a furry fluffy kitty. Well, part a da reason is I iss a furry gud cook! You might say I iss a gourmet cook efun.

Izzy's Valentine picture

I jest luffs to share my wonderfur recipes wiff ofer kitties, so I join da contests at Fat Is Fun Furternity. We kitties hass a beeyootifur Cookbook dat you shud see.

Here iss da recipes dat I entered. I will links efurry recipe to da page in da cookbook. I am not da oniest kitty who sended in gud recipes, so you shud look at da ofers too.


Click for Izzy's Recipe     Best Entree

This iss da furry furst recipe I entered - Izzy's Gourmet Diet Cat Fud. It iss so yummy! You cin git da recipe in da Entrees section under Halloween.


Click here for Izzy's Recipe

Efun dough dis recipe didunt get a award it iss furry gud. You cin find da recipe in da Side Dishes section under Thanksgiving.


Click here for Izzy's Cheeseball Recipe

Best Appetizer

Dis iss my deelishus cheese ball. Efun hoomans can eat dis! Da recipe iss in da Appetizers section under Christmas and New Year's.


Click for Izzy's Recipe for Cheesecake


I jest luffs desserts, don't mew? Diss cheesecake is soo gud! Hoomans likes it too. Dis award winnin recipe iss in da Desserts section under Christmas and New Year's.

Click Here iff you wants to see da Index to da cookbook.


Click here for recipe   Best Appetizer - Valentine's Day

Here iss my delishus recipe fur turkey rolls dat I submitted fur Valentine's Day. I tied fur 'Best Appetizer' wiff Yang who did a furry deelishus recipe fur Maryland Crab Cakes. Tank mew furry much fur voting fur me!

Click for Izzy's recipe   Best Side Dish - Valentine's Day

I's don't likes fish, but sinse so many of my cat furrends doez, I makes dem my speshul fish dishes efurry nows an den. It stinks dough, so I cinnot bear to get too klose. Tanks to mewr votes, I tied fur furst place with Simba's furry gud recipe for Holiday Ribbon Ring Salad. Tank mew agin fur mewr votes!

Click to visit Izzy's Gormay Fud Booth

Some of my recipes is soo delishus dat I decided to sell my famous Mousie Tails, Cheese Ball, and Turkey Rolls at da Fat Is Fun Carnival. I have a nice booth and my bestus furrend in da whole world, Bambi, is helping me run things. Mew can see us here   Gormay Fud Boof.


Izzy's 4th of July picture Click for Izzy's recipe

This yummy recipe is the one I entered in the cookbook for
the 4th of July! You can see my recipe here.


Preferred Customer Catit Card

Since I am a gourmet cook, I need to do lots of shopping at Sylmart. This is my Preferred Customer Catit Card for Sylmart. If you   click here,   you can see me shopping in the Garden Department!


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