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Last Update 1/20/04
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Thank you for coming to visit my garden. My meowmie and I have many happy moments planting and tending our beautiful flowers together. We hope you enjoy your visit and will return soon. You know how quickly a garden can change in the summertime!

Best Use of Flowers award  First Place Ribbon

I won these ribbons at the OCS Flower Show for this garden!


Sam's hammock

This is my special place where I come whenever I want to be by myself and just relax and maybe take a little nap. There is nothing better than a nap on a hammock in a pretty garden.


Sam and Spike swinging

I love it when my beauteous Spike comes to visit! We always head for our garden swing when she gets here so we can purr and purr and just be together.


Here are some more ribbons I won at the OCS Flower Show.

Best of Show Ribbon for Decorated Mailboxes   Kitties Choice Ribbon for Decorated Mailboxes
My mailbox which I called Good View   My first place ribbon  


Another mailbox by me called Summer Home   First Place ribbon


My arrangement called Garden Delight   First Place Ribbon


Best of Show for Internet Flowers   Red Rose by Sam   First Place Ribbon


My Dahlia entry for Real Flowers   First Place Ribbon


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