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This is the special photo that Rufus' Mom made for me because Rufus chose me to be one of his girlfriends! I'm so beautiful that I'm not really surprised.
If you click on the nice button that he gave me, you can see his other girlfriends. We're a very elite group!
Rufus' Girlfriends

I will climb on ANYTHING! I love to climb. I'm a good hunter too, but Mom won't let me hunt birds. I get lots of bugs though. My sister is so fat that she can't climb in trees.

My Mom loves flowers and so do I! Only I eat them. I eat plants too and she had to get rid of some that she said were poisonous. I even like dried flowers.

I help my Mom out a lot. Here I am helping her figure out her new camera. It broke right while I was doing one of my cutest things (peeking out of the top of the Christmas tree) and she didn't get a picture of it. She was very sad about that. And I looked so cute too!

Sacks are so much fun! I like the noisy ones the best. I think sacks are even better than boxes! I can spot a sack in the first nano-second that it hits the floor. I have to be really, really fast to beat Izzy because she loves sacks too.

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