Just as making these memorial pages has been helpful to me in dealing with my grief and shock over the terrorist attacks on our country, many people have turned to making lovely remembrance plaques to ease their pain by sharing with others. Here are some that have been sent to me by friends. Some plaques are linked to the giver's memorial pages - please visit them.

In memory

United We Stand - Random Acts of Kindness

Eagle weeping for America

Never Surrender

Prestigious Dames Memory Pages

Remembrance from Donna's Place - Great Britain

Remembrance from Donna's Place - Great Britain

"We will stand shoulder to shoulder alongside our American friends."

Tony Blair, immediatley after hearing of the terrorist attacks.

Message from an Israeli friend

I was so touched to find this message in my guestbook from Anat, from Israel.

from Lady Madona - God Bless America Memorial

This flag was made by the God Bless America Memorial. Every country with a confirmed loss or missing citizen as a result of the world tragedy of 9-11-01 is represented.

Never forget

Hope for Justice, Pray for Peace

from Shell - Page for Peace

From Cindi - American Tragedy

Thank you Cindi!

from Joan at Lilley Pad Pets

My Canadian friend, Joan, did this graphic (and others) as a cross stitch chart
as her tribute to America. You can find others at her site.

The Day the Angels Cried

God Bless Our Country

America United

Thank you Kath!

Seal of Remembrance

Remembrance Ribbon

And thank you, dear Seattle Mariners, for your patriotic spirit.

Seattle Mariners ceremony

Land of the free, Home of the brave
Our memorial gift for you.
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