We say farewell!

Mama Yak Attak: Oh mew Nosey, Dis musik box iz juss lufferly. I iz so honered dat mew an Sam da Man made it fur me. Tank mew so much. Mew do fine werk Samikins, may I callz mew dat?

Nosey Parker: Itz ben a wunnerful visit here in Washington state. Such kind and gracious feline hospitality. We will cherish duh memory thruout our wedwinked liffs.

Izzy: I iz empurrassed dat I takded da wood my brofur made fur da musik box. I iz glad dat evfurryting bees ok now dough.

Sam da Man: Well, sense NP hepped me make duh box, it relee bees frume all ov us.

Leslie Anne: I jess kame frum da furdressers. Woodn't yew likes tew take sum moar pikshurs ov me?

Delli: I willz be seein' mew in da court Mama Yak, gude lucks.
(To herself): Mew iz gonna needs it!

All togefur: Let's visit each ovfur offun!

Shadows lengthen, drawing the visit to a close. The honeymooners get into the balloon basket and wave farewell to their hosts as they set off for more adventures.