~The Pesky Girls~

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I have to be in charge here because all of these females seem to think they can do whatever they jolly well please.


This is when Izzy and Leslie were kittens. They are always getting into Mom's stuff. They say they are helping her!

You won't believe this - that's why I had to put a picture in here. Mom let those babies nurse on the kitchen table! Or anywhere else they wanted to for that matter.

These two were pretty funny then, I'll have to admit. At this age, they all got along together too. Then Izzy spoiled everything by having a season, or whatever you call it, ~ after she was spayed ~ Ever since then, Delli and Spottie can't stand her. I felt so sorry for Izzy that I started liking the poor girl.

These two are always together! Sometimes I can tell that Delli would like to be left alone, but she never gets to. Spottie is just a baby. I don't think she's every going to grow up!

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