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"When you believe there is no love in the world, just gaze
into the eyes of the cat in your lap."
~ Old Welsh saying

The best exercise for a cat is another cat!

Our fafurite pastime - eating!


Where's Mom? Doesn't she know it's tuna time?

Tuna time

We love our Christmas toys!

Christmas stockings

The Girls

3 on the tree

What is that out there?

Three at the door

Mommy's Little Girls.

Enjoying the summertime.


Delli and Spottie were inseparable for the first two years.
Now Delli has a little more freedom, but Spottie still sleeps
with her every chance she gets.

Spottie and Delli


"Which is more beautiful--feline movement or feline stillness?"
~ Elizabeth Hamilton ~

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Cookie's Funraiser

Mew must see da grate Funraiser dat our furiend Cookie held. All of us are dere an mew will enjoy dis fun event. Mew wills efun laff!


I read the Caterwaul Chronicle

What would we do without the Caterwaul Chronicle!?!

Hunt Hostess Award


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