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Delilah's CLAW Page


Rawr rawr MERAW Kitties! I am Delilah of the Fearless Foursome, but mew can call me Delli. This is my CLAW Page !

C    is for the caring that we give to all
L    is for the love that we give to all.
A    is for the action that we do for all.
W  is for the world of cats that we love.

Proud CLAW member

I am a purroud memfur of CLAW and expect to be even busier than efur.

Duchess in CLAW

Meow! I am a Duchess at C.L.A.W. now!


The proud graduate

I received my Honorable degree and am soo purroud of it. At the CLAW graduation ceremonies in May, I was made a member of Phi Beta Katta Honor Society!

Phi Beta Katta

"I pledge to be a kitty of honor throughout all of my nine lives."

Honorable Degree


Card received from CLAW

I am celebrating one year in CLAW now and the nice CLAW kitties sent me this bootifur card to help me celebrate.


CLAW Guilds I belong to:

  • Paws for a Cause
  • Grader at CLAW University


    Sister Clubs of CLAW I belong to:

  • Back Fence Cat Club
  • The Cats Meow Club

  • To learn more about my guilds and clubs, go to my clubs page.


    CLAW has great cards to send to your friends!

    CLAW has great greeting cards to send to your friends - for any occasion.


    Read the Claw Zine


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