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Isabella's CLAW Page

Izzy wearing her CLAW crown


I am Isabella, but mew can call me Izzy, and this is my CLAW Page !

Proud CLAW member

I am a purroud memfur of CLAW and am becoming efun busier dan efur. CLAW has so meny fings fur a kitty to do and learn! All of us girls are memfurs of different guilds because there are so meny to chooz frum dat we could all find one to suit our interests and purrsonalities. Efurry kitty could find somefing at CLAW to capture dere interest. I jess knows it.

Izzy's CLAW Service Award

I am furry purroud to receive the special Service Award for April 2004! Also, to say that I have advanced to the rank of Marquessa now. It is furry satisfying to keep moving up.

Marquessa Isabella

CLAW kitties are so nice! See what they sent me?

Congrats Izzy!


The proud graduate

At the CLAW graduation ceremonies in May, I received my degree of Honorable and was made a member of Phi Beta Katta Honor Society!

Phi Beta Katta

"I pledge to be a kitty of honor throughout all of my nine lives."

Honorable Degree

I am continuing my studies at CLAW University and hope to earn anofur degree at da next graduation.


One year anniversary with CLAW

The CLAW kitties are so nice! They rememfured that I am celebrating one year in CLAW now and sent me this purrty card.


CLAW Guilds I belong to:
  • PSP Artists
  • Roly Poly Rawers
  • Claw Postcard Committee
  • Furship

    Sister Clubs of CLAW I belong to:
  • Back Fence Cat Club
  • The Cats Meow Club
  • Fat Is Fun Furternity

    To learn more about my CLAW Guilds and Sister Clubs, go to my clubs page.

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    CLAW has great cards to send to your friends!

    CLAW has great greeting cards to send to your friends - for any occasion. Since I jess joined da CLAW Postcards Committee, I will be one of the artists who design the greeting cards for all kitties to send to furriends. I luff to paint purrty pictures, so know I will luff making cards.


    Read the Claw Zine

    The Claw Zine is a wonderpurr magazine that is jess full of all kinds of fings any kitty would find infuresting. There are stories, poems, impurrtant artikles, recipes, even sum jokes! Click on the button above to read the newest issue of the Claw Zine and see what I mean.


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