All Dressed Up

Izzy's first formal!

Izzy's first formal

Sam with his luffly winkwink, the beauteous Spike, ready for a party.

Izzy ready for almost anything.


The girls in their jammies for Freya's Slumber Party.

Delli     Leslie Anne

Delli's first dress and she wasn't too happy about it!


Izzy is ready to go shopping now!

Izzy going shopping

You are seeing the lovely Leslie Anne in the gown she wore while attending Buddha Gill and Angel's wedwinking. Sam was her escort.

Sam - Buddee Gill's Wedwinking   Leslie Anne - Buddee Gill's Wedwinking

The Kitties all love summer! The girls can lounge around in their bikinis and Sam gets to play baseball!

Izzy in her bikini


Spottie in her bikini


Sam da Man

The kitties would love to show you their   Halloween costumes!

To see the kitties all dressed in their holiday finery,
see our Christmas 2001   page.


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