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Treat yourself to a darling screensaver.
Newton is the cutest little orange Tabby cat who wanders all over your screen and chases a ball. This is one of the cutest cat screensavers we have ever seen.

Download it for free here:

Newton Screensaver



Do you like jigsaw puzzles?

There are several puzzles at Caterwaul Games, a fun page sponsored by tomzrule« boyz klubb. In addition to several jigsaw puzzles, you will find hangman, crossword puzzles, word search and other fun stuff. P.S. Our meowmie did the graphics on this page.     Meow!

Caterwaul Games

Cat on record player

The kitties and I would just love to know who originally did this hilarious animation. I saved it ages ago before I had any idea of having a website, so have no idea where I got it. If it was you ~ or if you know who did this ~ please let me know so I can give the proper credit. The originator deserves it!

Kindersounds-dot-com has just made a fun CD that is full of catchy, happy songs for children that promote LOVE OF CATS. Some of the song tiles are: The Cat Dance, Hairballs and Fleas, Catnip Dreams. Every song on this CD gives a positive message about pets. Not only that, but the proceeds from the sale of the CD go to no-kill animal shelters all over the country. Click on the picture to hear fun clips of the songs and order the CD.

The Litterbox

How well do you know your cat?
Take this very funny quiz to find out!

How Well Do You Know Your Cat?

Cats Like Felix

This one you've got to download! Felix is a playful, mischievous Tuxedo cat who will keep you company. He will roam around your desktop and entertain himself all day long. Felix is a small program and doesn't interfere with your other programs. I can guarantee that you will absolutely love Felix!

Download Felix for free here!


Have some great fun blowing out the candles on Garfield's birthday cake.
You have to be really fast for this one!

Candle Clobber

Cat and Mouse


Something like this for instance!

Or this...

Cat and Mouse

What Animal Are You?

Type the year of your birth in the first box.



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