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Updated 8/23/03

Jacqlee (The Cat Lady)

~ The Kitties' Fun Stuff! ~

Graphic by Lucy Rand

You just have to visit  Pets Land!  Here you will find a wide selection of mouse cursors, screen savers, wallpapers, desktop themes and lots more! It's a fun, fun site and one you will want to visit more than once.

 Pets Land! 
Cat and Mouse

Virtual Kitten

One of the cutest things we've ever seen ~ a darling little Tuxedo cat that you can interact with. This precious little kitty looks like Delli! Go here to play with this little cutie. We visit this kittie a lot and bet you will too!

Virtual Kitten

You can also save the kitty to hard disk and use as wallpaper on your desktop!!

Click for Wallpaper

Cat and Mouse

Cat Tail

Darling Cat Band

Cat and Mouse

by Milan

Compassionate Kidz is a must for children.
It gently introduces them to animal rights and gives
them ideas for projects and things they can do to help.

Compassionate Kidz

Cat and Mouse

by CatStuff

Now if you want FUNNY, you have got to see this movie.
True cat addicts will completely understand this!

Lap Dance


Lesa's Globes


~ How To Tell If Your Cat Is Overweight ~

He/she can only bathe forepaws and face.
He/she only catches really old or lame mice.
He/she can dust your hardwood floors by just walking
through the room.
He/she waits for seconds before deciding to become finiky.
You need a back support to lift him/her off the floor.
He/she has more rolls than lives.
You had to install a cat door made for a great dane.


Dutch Cats

Hilarious Flash movies starring Marianne's very entertaining cats:
Chiara, Esmee, Whiskey, Charlie, Snoes, Nikita and Joris all star!
You must see these movies!
Each cat graphic below (done by Marianne) is a link
Click a cat and be prepared to laugh!

Movie 1 Movie 1

Movie 2 Movie 2

Movie 3 Movie 3

by CatStuff
Here is a nice crossword puzzle for cat lovers.

Test your knowlege and have some fun at the same time!

Crossword Puzzle


Our cousin Cassie Cat told us about this great place.
Meow Mail has lots of fun stuff for cats and humans,
but the games you can play are: Sir Smashalot's
Smashing Challenge and Reboot's Click This.

Fun and Games for Humans

Cat and Mouse


Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

from Jana at Action Cat

One of my favorite sites, Action Cat has the cutest game.
Be warned, however, it is not as easy as it looks!

Feed the Cats

Graphic from Nancy's Cat Animations

For one of the funniest cat cartoons ever, Click Here.



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