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Patches - My Grandkit

I am so happy now. I haff a grandkit! She is a furry rambunctious and frisky kitten. I tink it will be gud for her to haf a grandfafur, jest like it is gud for me to have a grandkit of my own.


Here she is! Isn't she cute?


Patches told me that her Meowmie used to be an English teacher, so out of respect for her meowmie, I am writing this in English instead of catspeak. I will purrbably slip up once in awhile and put a catspeak word or two in, but you know how it is.

Patches is as happy about having a grandfafur as I am about having a grandkit. She doesn’t know any of her ancestors and neither do I, so this is very special for both of us! We are both ex-strays also! Little Patches was found as a stray and taken to the animal shelter. That’s where her meowmie found her.

We both have birthdates that were given to us by our meowmies. Patches’ birthdate is June 1st, 2001. Mine is October 6th, 1989 – the date that I was officially adopted.

I am furry purroud of how smart Patches is already. She found her meowmie’s stash of catnip! Isn’t that funny? She loves catnip and gets it once a week.


Patches and Nick

Patches has to live with a d*g named Nick. Here they are together. This is what Patches has to say about living with Nick:

“I live with a d*g but we are beginning to make friends. He even grooms me and gets any fleas he thinks might be on me. We drive Meowmie and Dad crazy when we chase each other back and forth through the house. Nick, the d*g, gets to go outside but Meomie won't let me go. Nick is in a fenced yard but Meomie is afraid I might get run over.

Nick keeps bugging me to let him groom me so I just give in. He gets rough sometimes so I have to show him my sharp little claws. Meowmie and Dad don't want to get me declawed so I keep them sharp for Nick. Sometimes I accidentally get Meowmie but she understands, cause we do play rough some times.”



Patches just sent me this beeyootifur birdbath so I can watch the birds when I jes feel like taking it easy. She's such a sweet grandkit!


Patches in purple dress
Here is dear Patches all dressed up for the Fat Is Fun Carnival. Isn't she sweet? You can see Patches, my luffly winkwink Spike, Spike's sisfur Tigger and brofur Caesar, and myownself at Spike's Fat Is Fun Carnival Carousel ride.


If mew would like to haf a grandkitty, visit Older Cats Society   and find out how you can adopt one too.


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