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Older Cats Society

Older Cats Society


Older Cats Society   is a really cool klub for us more mature cats. We do lots of fun and interesting things, but we also help shelter kitties.

Philosopher - Bronze

I was furry purroud to receive my Level Banner for OCS. I am a Philosopher. I feel furry dignified now.

CLAW Featured Site Award

We were all excited to be chosen by CLAW to be a featured site for January.

Sam's CLAW Most Active Award

Purrty Spike made all the OCS awards fur the CLAW Awards Ceremony in April 2002. Didn't she do a gud job? I am furry proud of these awards!

Honored Memfur OSC

How exciting! I was chosen as Spotlight Kitty for April!


Wow! I got more awards at the CLAW Awards Ceremony in October of 2002! This was furry exciting and I am proud of each one!

Most Honored Member

Most Active Member

Special Events Participation



Our current activity is the beautiful OCS Flower Show, which is part of the CLAW County Fair. My Virtual Garden is part of the OCS Garden Tour, which I know you will enjoy.
Visit My Virtual Garden

I am hosting the 'Decorated Mailboxes' event of the OCS Flower Show. Please come see the beautiful entries our memfurs have made.

Decorated Mailbox Entries

I volunteered at the OCS Flower Show


One supurr fun ting dat we did was da Secret Santa Kitty Pal actifity. If you wants to see my Secret Pal, den click here.

In OCS I get lotsa opurrtunities to practice making graphics, which I luff doing. Here is some of my work fur yew to enjoy:

Mature cats make great companions.

Sunshine banner

My Valentine to OCS members


One of da best actifities we haf is Adopt A Grandkit. Dis actifity pairs up a mature, wise kitty like meseff wif a yung kitten to enrich bofe der lifes. Click dis button to meet my cute little grandkit.
Meet my Grandkit



January activity

These were furry fun actifities.
We hass new ones efury month!


March Memory Game Award

April Puzzle Award

May Puzzle Award

June Puzzle Award

July game award

July puzzle award

July 2003 puzzle award

November 2003 puzzle award


Click to see The Older Cat.

Meowmie is getting kinda concerned about me gettin' old an all, so she made a speshul page all about older cats like me an my cousin Cassie. Click on the button above to see the page called The Older Cat.


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