How it all began...

Catsome Twist, who liffs in Oklahoma, was my brofur Sam's Secret Santa Kitty   two years ago. He sended my brofur lotsa fun things and during that time, he saw pitchers of me an became furry besotted wif me. (blush) Purrty sune we were riting to each ofur and sending purrty cards back an forf, an we still are too!

Isabells with butterflies

I painted dis pitcher of myownself fur my Roly Poly Rawers club and sended Twist a copy. He luffed it soo much dat he say efurry time he see da daffodills, he finks of me!

Daffodils for Twist

Jess so Twist woodun't furgit about me, I sended him dis bokay of daffodills. teehee Dat iss when he started calling me Miss Isabells, acuz he say he hear bells whenefur he say my name.

Flowers from Twist

Twist must haff liked my flowerz acuz he sended me dis purrty bokay wif dis note:

"I hope you (and your Meowmie) do not think me silly for being so besotted with you. But, you ARE a luffly, fluffy, beautiful kitty, and I have neffer felt this way befur!

Purrs to your Meowmie from me and Myste!

Most lufflingly,

Flowers from Izzy

"Twist, I could nefur, efur think mew were pestering me! I LUFF hearing frum mew. I am soo furry purroud that mew find me attractive and like me so much.

Luff and Big Kitty Hugs,
Mewr Isabells"




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