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Young Isabella

Baby Izzy

Yes, this really is Isabella. She grew up so fast and I am kicking myself for not having more pictures of her at this darling stage.

Isabella sleeping

Somebody turn out the lights! I'm trying to sleep!

Izzy as a young kitten

Izzy as a young kitten.

Izzy in the rose bed

This is Izzy in her younger (and thinner) days. She loves flower beds, but she's strictly an indoor cat now.

Izzy snoozing

Izzy loves to be warm! She loves sunshine and blankets.

Izzy on her post

When my husband built this cat tree he was afraid none of them would use it. He shouldn't have worried.

Izzy on the deck

Izzy's favorite activity used to be sitting on this deck and watching what was going on. We have moved now and she isn't allowed outside anymore after being attacked by another cat in our new neighborhood.

Izzy - 10 months old

Here she is at 10 months old. What a beauty!



And what a lady!

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