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Izzy's Twin

ISABELLA (IZZY) ~ Another of Delli's kittens we couldn't part with. From the very beginning, Izzy was the largest. She now is bigger than even Sam! We're not sure where she came from and swear she must be half bobcat. The vet keeps telling me that she has got to lose some weight, but she just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She's also been the most expensive cat ~ she's constantly going to the vet for something serious. She is my protector and won't leave my side, even to eat or drink, if I'm sick. Izzy's purr is deep, rumbling and loud. She purrs the second I touch her. Can humans and animals be soulmates? If so, then Izzy is mine. Read more about this cutie at Beautiful Isabella.

Izzy with her blankie

Izzy entered the Chubby Kitty Contest and this is what the winner, Biggie Fries, sent her:

"Mew Izzy,

Concatulations fur bein sekkint chubbiess kitty on da infurnet!


from Biggie Fries


Izzy's globe

Izzy doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. Here she is watching Spottie play with a toy when she would just love to be playing too. Izzy will even walk away from her food when one of the other cats starts bullying her.

Izzy sitting

My special sweetie.


Izzy really fills up this basket. Last check she weighed 23 pounds - the total of Spottie's and Delli's weights added together!

Izzy in basket

This is how you can find Izzy most of the time. I think she's so cute I can hardly stand it.

Izzy on her back

~Nicknames for Isabella~

Bouncing Kitty from Runtell
  • Izzy
  • Izz
  • Izzyskiz
  • Izzbiz
  • Big Eyes
  • Precious
  • Baby
  • Darling Baby Girl
  • Mommy's Baby Girl
  • Mommy's Big Girl
  • Bella
  • BeeBee

Bouncing Kitty from Runtell

Beware people who dislike cats!


Izzy's Baby Pictures

Click to see Baby Izzy


Izzy's Clubs

Izzy is becoming very, very busy on the web. If you click the button above you can see all of the clubs she belongs to.


Click for Izzy's Recipes

Izzy has become an excellent gourmet cook. So excellent that she has won several ribbons for recipes she has submitted to the Fat Is Fun Furternity Cookbook. Click the button above to see "Izzy's Famous Gourmet Recipes."


Izzy needs a passport because she is making friends all over the world. The first visit she needed it for was to visit her friend Mille in Norway. You can visit Mille by clicking on Izzy's passport.

Izzy's Passport


Izzy and Twist at the Getaway at Cat Mountain Lodge


Izzy found NP and MYA's hot air balloon!


Beautiful Isabella (aka Izzy) was very proud to be in the
"Here Kitty Kitty Contest" at Furr Angels! Be sure to spend some time at this wonderful site.

Izzy Cute Kitty Award


Izzy is so delighted to receive this special award from Simba - who understands! You must visit Simba at   Cats Kittys Gatos   and read about this brave kitty.

Simba's Award - Cats Kittys Gatos


I read the Caterwaul Chronicle


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