Poems for Strays


"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

~ James Herriot ~


Stray Cat

Oh, what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you homeless to my gate?
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth and food
For from that day I ceased to be
The master of my destiny.

While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house the law.
He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed.

He ruled in arrogance and pride
And broke my heart the day he died.
So if you really think, oh Cat,
I'd willingly relive all that
Because you come forlorn and thin,
Well....don't just stand there...
Come on in!

~ by Francis Witham ~


"When a cat is alone she never purrs."

~ Samuel Johnson ~


No Longer a Stray

When you look into my eyes,
I know what you will see.

There is only love and trust
Where fear once used to be.

For I was an abandoned cat,
A cold and hungry stray.

But you reached out your gentle hands
And took me home to stay.

I've eagerly accepted the compassion you have shown.
I soon forgot the times when I was frightened and alone.

You opened up your heart to me
And taught me how to trust.

You've given me a loving home
Where kindness is a must.

So when you gaze into my face I hope you'll realize,
That "love without condition" is reflected in my eyes.


~ Used with permission of the author, Carole Preble ~
Visit Carole's fabulous site


Prayer of a Stray

Dear God please send me somebody who will care!
I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair.
My body is aching, it's so racked with pain.
And Dear God I pray as I run in the rain,
that someone will love me and give me a home;
a warm cozy bed I can call my own.
My last owner neglected me and chased me away,
to rummage in garbage and live as a stray.
But now God I'm tired and hungry and cold,
and I'm afraid I'll never grow old.
They've chased me with sticks and hit me with stones,
while I run in the streets just looking for bones!
I'm not really bad God, please help if you can,
for I have become just a victim of man.
I'm wormy Dear God and I'm ridden with fleas,
and all that I want is an owner to please.
If you find one for me God I'll try to be good.
I won't run away and I'll do as I should.
I don't think I'll make it too long on my own,
cuz I'm getting so weak and I'm so all alone.
Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry,
cuz I'm so afraid God that I'm gonna die.
And I've got so much love and devotion to give,
that I should be given a new chance to live!
So Dear God, please, please answer my prayer,
and send me somebody who will really care!

~ Written by Bev Davenport 1992 ~

Thanks to a friend for providing me with the author's name.


Adopt a Stray


A Rescued Cat

"I was once born to a loving mother who cuddled and tendered to my needs.

Soon, I was introduced to another, who said we will now tend to your needs.

Life was good, I had all I could wish for with lots of toys and special feeds.

Then one day, I was lifted up and carried away. I was sat down and left to make my own way.

I looked around and found I had no place to stay. I soon felt the harshness of natures day.

I walked and walked looking for the one who said I was special wanting to play.

Day turned into night, I was taken with fright, what was I going to do this night?

I found an old box, crawled in and settled down to wait, hoping they would appear in sight.

Night turned into day, I was still with fright, but my belly was tight. I knew it was time for my breakfast. I waited and hoped for them to come back and say it will be all right.

The days turned into weeks, some days I felt so weak. I traveled and hunted looking for a treat.

I tried to beg for help, but all I got was a kick as I silently cried. Why, I don't understand, I was once told that you are my little man, now it's all I can do to stand.

Some days I weep as I long for a safe place to sleep. I pray that some days I will find enough to eat.

I run and fight. I dodge and creep.

Then one day I hear a voice say, come here little stray, I will help you find a place to stay. I run afraid looking for a safe place to hide. The voice calls high, don't be afraid I will help you little guy.

I sit and watch, waiting for the worst, but I'm offered a tin of milk to help my thirst.

The day goes by and to my surprise I find a bowl of food piled high. I eat with glee, oh gee why is she so nice to me. Could it possibly be she will love me?

I soon again learn to trust, as the voice smoothes my soul and the hand grooms my coat that has become dull, where there was once a glow.

I hear the words don't be afraid, I will take you in and give you a place to lay.

As I relax my head and body to rest, I hear the words God Bless you little stray you now have a place to stay."

~ Written By Deborah Miller ~
Pets Among Us
Copyright 4/1/2001

Note from the author:
"This is dedicated to all the strays I have saved.
You may copy this to use on your web site as long as
the above dedication and copyright stays in place."


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