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~Save Lives-Adopt and Spay~

Save a Life!

Help end homelessness!

Adopt an Alley Cat

More than 2,000 dogs and 3,500 cats are born every hour in the United States, adding to the existing population of 54 million dogs and 56 million cats. Each year, eleven million dogs and cats enter shelters because there are not nearly enough homes for them or they cannot be cared for properly.

Click to read Why Doesn't Anyone Else See That?

Click on the kitty to read a poem written by a shelter volunteer that tells how she feels about the adult cats that are left behind because so many people want to adopt a kitten instead.



Yes, it's so much fun to have baby kittens running around. It's also fun to see what kind of kittens your mama cat will produce. But it's just as much fun to adopt a homeless kitten and spay your mama cat ~ you will feel a lot better for it and help control the overpopulation problem.

Sue's Furry Family

I strongly believe that not spaying or neutering a pet, as well as not vaccinating, is a form of abuse. Up to 10 million healthy animals are killed in US pounds and shelters every year. That is nearly one million animals killed every month! This senseless killing could easily be prevented by spaying and neutering.

Please adopt from your shelter

Visit the Friends of Animals or call the FoA Spay/Neuter Hotline, 1-800-321-PETS, and they will send you a list of participating veterinarians in your area -and an order form for your low cost spay/neuter certificate.

Click here for low cost spay and neuter services

Here is another source for low cost spay and neuter services.


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Why am I being put to sleep
When there is a promise I need to keep
Of playing, snuggling and giving joy
To a little girl or lonely boy.
God put me here to make them glad,
Did I do something wrong?
Was I bad?
~ RC Call ~


The message from this marvelous site is this: Don't breed and buy while homeless pets die. ADOPT. Rescue, then Spay/Neuter. Compassion combined with education is the only solution. Get involved!

Be sure to see their musical slideshow in honor of homeless animals everywhere.


Support Spay/Neuter

Show your support for spaying and neutering - wear a black ribbon! Click the ribbon to get yours today!

Please sign the Spay/Neuter petition

Visit the Strawberry Lady

Cats and Pink Cadillacs


Many shelter animals are exotic breeds

Animal Breed Zip Code

Click to feed a homeless or abused animal


Furr Angels

The "Warm Fuzzies" pages of Furr Angels! is a wonderful place to visit if you want to read some lovely stories about rescued or adopted pets. Furr Angels! is doing great things in promoting funding for shelters and finding homes for animals. If you can't adopt any more pets, perhaps you would like to learn about the Furr Angels! sponsorship program and help a shelter pet to have a happy life. Visit this great site by clicking on the banner above.

Adopt a shelter pet

Click the No Kill Shelter banner to search for a no-kill animal shelter in your state. I hope you're not as shocked as I was to find out how few there really are! In my state of Washington, there are only three listed. It looks like I've got my work cut out for me - to either find some more or help to get more established.


Diabella's Yellow Pages



Spay/Neuter Ribbon

Spay/Neuter stamp for release

American Partnership for Pets is more than thrilled to inform you that thanks to people like YOU, the Spay/Neuter stamps are sold outin central distribution.

This is an especially noteworthy event given the USPS's extraordinary print run of 250 MILLION stamps that were issued on September 20, 2002.

As you know, while it is very rare for the USPS to reprint a commemorative stamp, American Partnership for Pets believes that the spay/neuter stamps should be an exception!

American Partnership for Pets has already requested a reprint of these very popular stamps, and we will be shortly asking for YOUR assistance, such as letter writing, etc. to help us succeed in these efforts.


Please spread the word and encourage everyone interested in helping in the reprint campaign or learning more about the stamps and APP's work to visit the APP website frequently, and to subscribe to the   American Partnership for Pets  newsletter.

Trap, Neuter, Return


This wonderful cat, Oscar, was rescued by my sister. I can't stand to think what could have happened to him if she hadn't visited Partners 4 Pets when she did! You can see more pictures of Oscar at Rescued Cats We Know and Love .


Did you know that less than 5% of lost cats brought to animal shelters are reunited with their owners? An ID collar tag with your phone number on it costs only $5.00 or so. Think what a difference that could make to you and your family!

Pet ID Tags, Dog ID Tags, Cat ID Tags for Pets


The Kitties would like to invite you to join our Netring called Alley Cats Need Love Too! If your heart has ever been touched by the sight of an alley cat foraging for food or going from door to door looking for a friendly face, then please join us and help spread the word.

Alley Cats Need Love Too!


I have a heart for shelter animals!
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