Clubs Izzy Belongs To

Hi efurrybody! I belong to Roly Poly Rawers club an I luffs it! Roly Poly Rawers is a CLAW Sisfur Club. We fluffy kitties hass so much fun! Hir iss my offurshul memfurship card.

Izzy's Roly Poly Rawers membership card

Fat Cat Achievement RPR

RolyPoly CLAW Pudgy Purrbaby Award

Oh, my! I received dese wonderfur awards at the CLAW Awards Ceremony in April of lass year and dis year tu! I am a Burly Bird Catcher now!


Won of da actifities we had was to submit a banner dat we made wif our own paws. Hir is mine. Dere are lotsa talented kitties in Roly Poly Rawers. Yew shud go dere an see some of da beeyootifur banners dey made.

Memfurship Banner by Izzy


Dere iss always somefing fun to do at Roly Poly Rawers. We goes on hunts, do puzzles, rite storiez an poemz, an lotsa ofur fun stuff. Yew can see alla da gud lookin' memfurs in da gallery . My picfur is dere too!

If yew join yew can ask our speshul doktor, Dr. Round Pound, impurrtant queshtuns an yew cin also git some gud diet an exercise tips at Roly Poly Rawers!


Groundhog Hunt Award

Dis iss mew award dat I got fur findin alla da groundhogs in da Roly Poly Rawers actifity for February. It wuz lotsa fun!


Izzy's Butterfly

Izzy with Spring Fever

I painted dese purrty butterfly pictures for our March butterfly project!

March award
And hir is my award for March!

May award

I won this purrty award for finding all the prey hidden on the Roly Poly site and the Back Seat Kitties Support Group site. It was a furry fun hunt!

June award

The Chef Kitty award was given to the RPR memfurs who submitted recipes for our new cookbook. Since I am a gormay chef, I submitted two of my bestest recipes.

Roly Poly Christmas

For Christmas we roly polys made pictures of how we think a Roly Poly Christmas should be. I decided to make my picture about waiting for Santa.

January '03 award

This was a really great hunt!

September Scholar Award

Meow! Aftur I finished dis hunt, I felt relee smart becuz we had to snoop aroun da CLAW Unifursity to finds da ansfurs. Dis was fun!

October award

This was a furry skeery aktifity. It were about skeery Halloween stuff like vampires an ghosties. I was furry brafe an got awl da ansfurs rite dough! Meow!

I also finded out I am now a Pudgy Pussycat !

November award

Our leader, Patrick, is furry gud at finding fun things fur us to do. For November we had a word search puzzle and it was lotsa fun. This is my award fur finding awl da werds.

CLAW award presented in November 2003

I was furry purroud to receive dis purrty award at the CLAW Awards Ceremony in November!

Award for December 2003

January '04 award

I received dis award for submitting my New Years resolutions. Mew can see mine and da ofur memfurs' here.

February award

Here is my February award. We had a hunt fur da mascot.

March award





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