Sam da Man

Sam da Man loved his parties and buddies. He let me have a lot of fun dressing him up.

Sam da Man is Superman!


Sam in his baseball cap

This is how we started out. Then I finally learned how to put clothes on him and make the background transparent. Once we got that under our belts, he was off - parties, parties, and more parties.

Sam in his tomzrule t-shirt

Sam with his toolbelt

Sam's award for his buddies

Just before Sam left us, he made this award for his good buddies at the boyz board. Many of his budz are displaying it on their sites and I know Sam would be proud!


Sam in his car

Sam had a nice red truck too! You can see it here.

Sam ready for St. Patrick's Day

Sam ready for the 4th of July

Sam in his tuxedo

Sam's Halloween costume

Sam in disguise

Getaway at Cat Mountain Lodge


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