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I Love You Mom

My Name: SAM

Age: Who knows? I didn't start keeping track until I adopted BIG GUY and Jacqlee about 10 years ago ~ That's when my life really began.

Breed: Who cares? I have the best traits of all breeds!

Sam 1997

About Me: I am probably best known for my wise and witty sayings. You can always find me in every issue of BIG GUY'S GAZETTE. He depends on me to keep the newsletter interesting. Without my help, well, I just don't know how he'd do on his own.

For a long time I let BIG GUY think I was a dog because he didn't like cats as much as my mom does. I figured it would be safer to just act like a dog until he started to like me. He used to take me for walks on a leash just like a dog (He loved that). Then, of course, I came running every time he called and then he was really hooked. Now he loves cats just as much as Mom does - all thanks to me!

When Jacqlee (my wonderful Mom) adopted Delilah, she didn't even know that was Delilah was pg! Can you believe it? Now we have three other cats that I have to share my food with. I used to just hate those cats, but after awhile, I saw that both BIG GUY and Mom still loved me and I still got treats, so I decided to like the others.

Their names are Delilah, Leslie Anne, and Isabella. They're not so bad, really. You can see them on   The Pesky Girls.  (I wrote it, of course). Actually, it's kind of nice having a harem to take care of. I work hard at keeping all the other neighborhood males out of my yard, which is a full-time job with three females in my house!

Purrs and Headbonks,


Those who have an aversion to cats
do themselves no favor.


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