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Leslie's membership card for On the Prowl (TCMC)

Leslie Anne is proud to display her membership card for On the Prowl, a TCMC guild for kitties who like to hunt. The Easter Egg Hunt was even harder than January's hunt activity and had Leslie Anne quite stumped, but she didn't give up! Come join the fun!

Leslie's OTP award

Leslie found all 10 resolutions! She worked hard for this.

Easter Egg Hunt award

She worked even harder for this one and could only find 9 out of the 10 eggs. As she says, it's the hunt that counts!

Hug award

This award is in honor of Hug Your Cat Day - May 15th.


Leslie Anne's award for Birthday Kitty

Leslie Anne has a furry impurtant job at On The Prowl. She is the Birthday Kitty and loves her job! She is also very proud of this beautiful award!

Leslie's Valentine

Leslie submitted this lovely Valentine to me for On The Prowl's February activity. Isn't she sweet?


Level Badge

Wow! We have level badges at OTP now! This is my very first one.

Kitties get poynts fur submitting their picture and biography, and also for answering the OTP survey questions. We efun git badges like dese!

Biography   picture

OTP Survey


Hunt award

This great award is for a fun hunt OTP had with tomzrule and I found all the hidden prey way before my brofur, Sam da Man, did!

Valentine Hunt Prize

Isn't dis a nice prize? Onliest thing is, my brofur beated me dis time!

Level 6 Badge -Lion

I reached da toppest level - da Lion! Meow!

The Great Jack-O-Lantern Hunt

The Shamrock Hunt



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