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Leslie Anne's Clubs


Leslie Anne's Master Hunter Award
I am a furry gud hunter an I was furry happy to get dis award fur my hunting skills!

June Crunchy Bugs Award
This was a furry fun hunt. I luffs to crunch bugs!


Proud CLAW member

Click on my memfurship card to see
my furry own CLAW page!


Friends of the CLAW Theater

I jess recently became a Friend of the CLAW Theater   because I am soo impurrsed wif da wonderfur productions and I want to help ofur kitties who might not know about the plays to find them so they can enjoy them too.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp now showing!

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is now showing at the Claw Theater. This is a superb production that no kitty or no hoomin will want to miss. For an entertaining night at the theater, click on mewr admission ticket below.

Ticket for admittance to Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


BSKSG Membership Banner

Click on the banner to see my BSKSG page!


Back Fence Cat Club

The BFCC is a great club where there is always something crazy going on for all kitties. If you want to see me and my sisfurs in our nighties, visit Freya's Slumber Party.
Slumber Party

The Shopping Trip

We had a furry nice time going on a big shopping trip. If mew click da shopping bag, mew can see how much fun we had!



I am sew happee to bee a new memfur of the Circle of Charms club for girl kitties only! If mew are a girl kitty mew can join too!


World Wide Working Cats on the Web

If mew are a werking cat, den mew muss joyn WWWCW. We all need to stik togefur to get fair treatment.


The Cats Meow Club (TCMC)

Sadly, TCMC is closed now, but I became a Wildcat!

Leslie Anne's level badge for TCMC


Click to see Leslie Anne's On the Prowl page

I jess luffed my On the Prowl club, but it is closed now. Click my memfurship card to go to my On the Prowl page.


I Am Feline by Runtell

Runtell, the Amazing Little Kitty, started this club. Runtell does all kinds of things to keep busy!


Naughty Kitty Club

This is one of the clubs I belong to. Mommy says I shouldn't be so proud of being a 'Naughty Kitty,' but that I'll probably get away with it because I'm sooo cute! You should click here to read my write-up in the Naughty Kitty Club members page. For a really good time, you should take a look at the Naughty Kitty Club picture album. There are some really naughty kitties there!


KCC Cat Club

Here is another cool club I belong to. You kitties can join KCC Cat Club too!


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