The Kitties Having Tea

Nosey Parker: Dis iz a furry comfy sofa. Sew gude too beez on terra firma agin.

Delli: Tank mew fur ledding us haf a ride in da balloon. It was grate fun!

Sam da Man: It sirtanelee wuz. Du haf anuvfur nipz cupcake, Mama Yak Attak.

Mama Yak Atttak: Mew Izzy, dese iz delicious. Mew iz such a gude cook. I juss luffs dem. I would luffs to stay in da kitchen wiff mew but I haz got to go and mew at da Dellicat. If's I stayz in here she willz tink dat I beez affuried I iz gonna lose da big case.

Leslie Anne: I tinks we shude haf taken more pikfurs. Me beside the balloon. Me in the balloon. Me waving from the balloon. Me...

Izzy: O, du stop talkin bout yurseff, Leslie Anne. I tinks itz time dat we scent duh tomz to Samster's werkshop while we go to Delli's law study and ledd her haf leagle-eagle talk wif Mama Yak Attak.