Nosey Parker and Sam da Man in da Werkshop

Nosey Parker: Dis iz duh bestest werkshop I haf ever scene. No wunder yew iz such a renowned renovator! And who iz duh beyootifur gurlkitty inn duh pikshur? Iz she yewr winkwink?

Sam da Man: Dat bees mize wink, awrite. She bees da Purrty Spike dat I luff sew much! I iz glad dat yew likes duh werkshop. It tooked me a longs time too plan and build juss watt I wantz.

Nosey Parker: Dat box wif duh heart? Iz it duh won yew toll me about - dat yew are making fur my little peach blossom, Mama Yak Attak?

Sam da Man: Yez, and I iz furious! I wuz gonna gif duh music box too hur wen yew arrived, but it wuzzn't finished.

Somehow, duh liddle peace of rosewood dat I purrpared fur an inlay on duh lid disappeared. It iz a big puzzle to me how dat happuned. Ennyhow, a speshull shipment of moar rosewood arrived wile we wuz ballooning.

Wanna hepp me make a new inlay?

Nosey Parker: Fur my little peach blossom? Of korse I dew. Which toolz dew we kneed?

The tomz get to werk...