The gurlz in Delli's study

Delli (Thinking to herself): I wonder if dat Mama Yak iz gonna come in here and mews wif me. I cantz believe dat I will bees goin to trial aginst her. She tinks dat she iz some hotshot lawyer. Juss wait, I iz gonna show her inz da court!
(Outloud): Meowlo Mama Yak, how haz mew been?

Mama Yak Attak: Meows Delli.
(Thinking to herself): Dat Dellicat sure looks afur smug fur a cat dat iz about to lose in da biggest case of da year.
(Outloud): Dat sure iz some delicious fude dat mewz haz serfed. Dis iz a lufferly place mew haz."

Leslie Anne: Why duzznt dis table wobble ennie moar? Did our brofur akshully fix sumfing fur us?

Izzy: Koarse, knot. He jest waists hiz tyme doing nuffin wurfwyle. I stole a liddle piece of wood from hiz werkshop and putt it under duh table leg myownsef.