I love Tuxedos

Delli sleeping



This is my meowmie's most fafurtist picture of me acuz her say it shows how bootifur I am and shows my purrty eyes really gud. Her also say I luks like a innocent angel here. mewteehee I haff a really gud sense of humor an keep Meowmie an Fafur laffin alla times. Right after this picture was taken, there was a big pile of blue shreds on the floor, but I don't know what happins! I jess likes to haff fun!

Delli on the sofa

Meowmie likes to sit on the sofa and read buks, so I sit in her spot an den her hasta move me when her wants to sit here. I'm purrty smart acuz I noses dat her will let me sit on her lap when her reads acuz I was here furst!

Delli on post

Fafur made us dis big post wif lotsa places fur us to sit an see efurryfing dat goes on. We get to scratch an scratch an run an jump all ofur on it. Dis iss my most fafurtist perch.

Delli finding toy

Meowmie giffs us lotsa toys an my most fafurtist is catnip mousies. I frow dem all ofur da place an sumtimes dey end up under da furniture so I hasta hunt fur dem. Dis one was furry hard to get, but I finlee did.

Delli Sitting

I run dis household an it can be furry exhausting minding efurryone else's business, so I hasta take a little breather sumetimez like I am doing here.

Mew can read my story and see pictures of me and my babies if mew  clicks here.


Cat and butterfly

Delli's Passport

~My Nicknames~

  • Delli
  • Sweet Delli
  • Sweet Little Girl
  • Good Girl
  • Beautiful Little Girl
  • Delicate Little Delli
  • Dainty Lady
  • Sweetheart
  • Daddy's Little Girl
  • Ms. Busy Body
  • Little Tramp

Tux Cat Gallery


Read my kolumn in da Caterwaul Chronicle

Meow! I haff retired as a cattorney, but now I am riting a gud kolumn fur da Caterwaul Chronicle!   I yuse my eggspurrience as cattorney to advise tomz how dey kin still bee gross an disgusting, butt stay won step ahedd of da law. I fink mew will likes it.

The Mewlitzer Award


Delli's Clubs

I belong to sefural kitty clubs that are lots of fun. If mew click on da picture above, mew can learn all about dem and maybe mew will want to join too!


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