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Our Awards


The Kitties and I are proud to display these beautiful awards that were presented to us. We treasure each and every one.

Each award is linked to the presenting site. Please take time to visit them. A lot of love, care, and plain old hard work has gone into each of these sites, and each of them conveys a message.

The awards appear in the order they were received (roughly). If you would like to see the most recent, scroll to the bottom and click on the last page number.


Furr Angels!
Such a wonderful site! We are honored!

Vanora Spring's award for Animal Welfare
Mary, thank you so much! Considering all the work you do
to further animal rights and welfare, I am very honored.

What a lovely surprise, Karen. The kitties
and I visit your beautiful site often. We are so
very proud to receive your award!

Runtell's Award
Thank you, Runtell. You are such a busy kitty,
how did you find time to give
us an award?

Cats and Pink Cadillacs
A big thank you, Ellie and the Kids.
You do so much to help homeless and stray kitties,
that we are honored to receive your award.

Loving Home Award from Jelly and Angie - Smurgles
Thank you Karen! We love this!

Caring Site Award
We're very proud of this. Thanks, Shell.

Cheechie's Award
Cheech, you're great! Thank you.

Nicolas Cage's Award
You're not so bad yourself, Nicolas Cage!

Purrs and Stuff
Thank you, Ellie. We enjoy your newsletters so much!

Sir Chancy's Cat Rescue Award
What a nice surprise! Thank you, Sir Chancy.

Petsburgh Pet Rescue
Joan, we appreciate this so much!

Petsburgh Stable
What a lovely surprise, Joan! Thank you!


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