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Our Awards


The Kitties and I are proud to display these beautiful awards that were presented to us. We treasure each and every one.

Each award is linked to the presenting site. Please take time to visit them. A lot of love, care, and plain old hard work has gone into each of these sites, and each of them conveys a message.

The awards appear in the order they were received (roughly). If you would like to see the most recent, scroll to the bottom and click on the last page number.


The Meditative Cat's Award for Animal Welfare
This was the very first award we received.
We just about fainted with joy!

Catanna's Heavenly Site Award
Thank you Cat Anna!

Catwhiska's Award
We had just barely recovered from shock when
we were surprised with this lovely award
from Jill and her beautiful cats.

Mr. Chips' Award for Shelter Pets
Lynnda made us soo happy! Her site is gorgeous.

Rhoda's Golden Gate Award
We made a tribute page to my Mom's Pugs
and were surprised to receive this!

Zeke's Award
Zeke's award was a thrill too!

Brat Cats Keeper of the Stars Award
Maxine, thank you for awarding my efforts!
I am very proud to be a "Keeper."

Rufus and Lucy's Award - Save a Stray!
Thank you Rufus and Lucy! We love your site!

PetPotpourri's Saving a Life Award
This was our first personalized award.
We purred and purred.

Boomer Loves This Site Award
We miss Boomer. He is at the Rainbow Bridge now.

Triple K's Kat Site Award
Kathy's site impressed us and
we were thrilled with her award.

Phenomenal Women of the Web   Phenomenal Women of the Web Against Domestic Violence
We felt this was a true milestone and it
gave us the courage to learn more and improve.

A wonderful award from a wonderful group!


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