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Delli and her babies

When I was just a baby I used to live with a mean man who treated my furmom and my sisfur and brofur just turrible. One day my little brofur died and my furmom took me and my sisfur and we ran away from the mean man. We lived under a shed next door to a nice lady and my furmom taught me to sit on the nice lady's patio and stare at her door until she brought me food. Then anofur nice lady came and took my sisfur away to a new forefur home and then my furmom left me all on my own!

One day I decided I didn't like living outside all by myownself, so I decided that I would like to live with the nice lady. Gesses watt I did? I waited until she was out in her flower garden and then I turned on my best charm and that was that! I had a new home!!

I didn't think it was necessary to tell my new meowmie that I was pg when she adopted me, but she soon found out when I purrsented her wif three bootifur kittens.

Delli and kittens on bed

Blackie is a carbon copy of me. He is living with a very nice lady now who changed his name to Lucky and buys him lots of toys. Leslie Anne is all white except for black tail and ears and a big black spot on her side. Isabella has luffly blue eyes and Meowmie finks her is part Ragdoll.

Delli nursing babies on table

I was a furry, furry gud mom to my babies and Meowmie luffed us so meny that she let me nurse my babies wherefur I wanted to. The kitchen table was one of my most fafurtist spots acuz I could watch efurryfing that went on from there.

The babies helping me craft

Leslie Anne and Izzy luff to help Meowmie with efurryfing she does. Here they are helping Meowmie do her crafts.

Napping on the porch

Meowmie says I am furry petite and she thinks it's because of all the neglect I suffered as a very young kitten. I haff a gud life now though, and I nefur furgit to show Meowmie and Fafur how gratefur I am for my nice, warm home and all the gud food and toys.

The girls on the bed

Well, mew can see that my babies grew up! I hasta admit that it's a big relief not to be mothering babies all the time. Leslie Anne was so clingy that I didn't think she would efur grow up. She would still like to be a baby!


I survived abandonment

Yes, I did survive abandonment, but my brofur wasn't so lucky and neither was my furmom. My furmom furgot how to purr and became a feral and my brofur died. I work hard now at telling hoomins to spay or neuter their kitties and to adopt strays so that no kitty will have to be treated like we were.

Cosette's Award for Saving Strays

Cosette gave me this nice award because I saved my three babies and myself from being strays by making sure that Meowmie adopted me and gave my babies and me a good home.


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