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Leslie Anne (Spottie) is one of Delli's kittens that we couldn't part with. She's the curious one ~ nothing escapes her attention and she is constantly "helping" me. Her coat is like fine silk. She's the least affectionate of all the cats ~ doesn't want her beautiful coat messed up! Spottie shows her love in very different ways from the other cats and her purr is high-pitched and soft. Always climbing on things and hunting for bugs. Read more about this little sweetheart at  More About Leslie Anne.

Spottie eating a boquet

Spottie has to check out everything! Nothing is safe from her inquiring mind. As you can see here Spottie loves flowers - real, artificial, even dried.

Spottie with flower

Even though Leslie Anne is such a beauty and loves to pose, she is difficult to photograph because her beautiful white coat reflects light and cuts out a lot of detail. That's why Leslie Anne had to have her very own page designed just for her - beige just didn't do her justice.


Baby Spottie

~Nicknames for Leslie Anne~

Bouncing Kitty by Runtell
  • Lovely Leslie
  • Lovely Little Leslie
  • Les
  • Spottie
  • Spot
  • Little Spot
  • Liddo Spottie
  • Mommy's Little Girl
  • Gorgeous
  • Beauty
  • Snoopster
  • Miss Priss


Spottie in basket

Spottie is such an individual personality-wise, and yet in so many ways she is identical to Delli.

Spottie sitting


Click for Leslie Anne's Clubs

Leslie Anne loves her clubs! She has made many friends and had lots of fun. Click the button above to see what keeps her so busy having fun.


Spottie loves to go places, so she wanted to have a passport too! Her friend Mille in Norway was her first big trip, but she plans to make good use of this passport! Click on it to visit Mille.

Spottie's Passport


Because Spottie is sooo independent, we felt it was necessary to get her an ID card. This way, if she sneaks out and goes to the movies with the cute Tabby next door (or whatever else she does), we can track her down.

Spottie's ID Card


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