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Wee are sooo happie tu see mew in ourown shop! Dew enjoy mewrselfs.

Wee haff luffly gifts fur gurlz, toyz fur boyz, and purrty flowerz. But dat's not all! Wee jess opined our speshul Valentine's Day Gifts   section. Purrhaps mew mite efun find sumfing fur mewrownself.

Purrprietors: Delli, Izzy and Leslie Anne

Wee are purroud to offer luffly gift boxes or gift rapp an a bow wif each purchiss. Alsew, mew kin git a purrsonalized gift card tu send wif mewrown gift.

Here iss watt tu du:

1. Pick da gift mew want tu send.

2. Click da "Order Here" button tu send us a emeow wif:
       Da name of da gift
       Da eggzakt (brief) messige mew want da card tu say.
       Da emeow address tu ship mewr gift tu.

Dat's it! We wills ship mewrown gift an mewrown card direktly tu mew or elses tu da lucky resipient, whichefur mew purrfurs.

This is the purrsonalized gift tag mew can git wif mewr order.

Sample tag

We accept:
We accept the Catinum card!

Happy Shopping!

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